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  • Health Pavilion – A station to test vitals using portable instruments.  We will also map health trends.

  • Medi Tracker – Quick ambulance service, using GPS coordinates and hospital notification.

  • Crowd Steering – Mapping of crowd movements using cell phone tower data.

  • 3D Map – 3-dimensional, elevated map of Nashik for easy directions, especially for people who can’t read local languages.

  • Wiki Nashik – Initiative to update Nashik wiki page to assist tourists and visitors 

  • Nashik Trimbak Kumbh App – named the official portal for all Kumbh Mela-related information from maps to food to emergency assistance

  • Pop-up Housing – frame-based housing that can be constructed in only 3 days now has an installation in the government-sponsored Kumbh Mela temporary housing area in Nashik

  • Crowd Tracking -- real-time people counting system that can be used for counting large crowds

  • Kumbha Sahayaka helpline service that provides automated information

  • Annandanan optimized supply chain for donated and homemade food

  • GG TalkA platform that allows you to upload images, update information and send messages related to track incidents

  • Epidemic Tracker-  an application which identifies and controls epidemic outbreak featuring a unique
    algorithm which collects symptoms and enables prediction.


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